What are Bubs Candy?

Taking the world by storm Bubs Candy are fast becoming one of the worlds most popular Candy! Let's dive into what makes Bubs so unique.


In 1992, Bubs candy sprouted as a humble home-based venture in Sweden. Fast forward to today, and Bubs has blossomed into a globally recognised brand, captivating not just Europe but taste buds worldwide. Their assortment boasts a playful array of shapes, colours, and textures, promising a flavourful experience for all.

What sets Bubs apart is their inclusivity. Catering to vegan, vegetarian, and halal diets, their lollies are a guilt-free indulgence. Plus, they've cracked the code for gluten-free goodness by swapping wheat flour for corn starch, making Bubs a delectable delight suitable for everyone.

Down under, Australia has recently caught onto the Bubs craze, igniting a social media frenzy. Their unique foamy texture, vibrant hues, and tantalising flavour medleys have skyrocketed Bubs to the summit of sweet sensations in 2024.

At Sweetie Mail, we're committed to expanding our Bubs selection, ensuring our customers can savour every delightful morsel. So, if you're craving a taste adventure, plunge into the world of Bubs and discover what all the buzz is about!


Are Bubs Candy Vegan?
Yes! Bubs have created a completely Vegan recipe with the use of NO gelatine in their candies.

Are Bubs CandyHalal?
Bubs Candy are completely free from any Animal products including dairy. They are gelatine free, gluten free and suitable for many dietary requirements such as Halal dietary requirements.