What is Freeze Dried Lollies? Australia's Newest Favourite Sweet Treat

Ok, So you have seen Freeze Dried Lollies everywhere on your socials and I bet you're wondering what is all the fuss about?

Freeze Drying Lollies completely changes the texture and experience of the lollies. No more sticking to your Teeth! They just melt in your mouth. 

Freeze Dried Lollies have no moisture left in them, so they are no longer chewy, they are crunchy!

The process of Freeze Drying removes all the moisture at freezing temperatures. This ensures the flavour and nutrition remains but the texture is completely changed.

It's an out of this world experience...literally! Freeze Drying has been used for YEARS when sending Astronauts into Space. The process makes everything lighter and easier to transport. 

So why try Freeze Dried Lollies? Well... its an experience! So if you live in Australia and have a Sweet Tooth, try one of your favourite Sweet Treats and experience the crunch and crumble for yourself.

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