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Freeze Dried Candy Cherry Zappos

Freeze Dried Candy Cherry Zappos

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Ever had a Zappo with crunch? Freeze Dried Zappos are Crunchy and Crumbly with its hard coating and crumbly inside.

Cherry Zappos 

Regular: Approx 9 pieces

Each type of candy reacts differently to the Freeze drying process which allows them to become truly individual in size and texture. Pack size and weight can vary slightly depending on the type of lollies. 

Shipping Australia Wide

Build-a-Box or Gift

Make it a Gift:

Elevate your gift-giving game with a free personalised message on any order. At checkout, simply add your message, and we'll take care of the rest - packing, personalising, and shipping directly to any location in Australia.


Want to create your own Sweetie Mail Hamper Box! Simply Pick and Mix your favourites, add to cart the items you want in your box and leave a note at check out with a personalised message or simply write "Make it a Gift". We will create your very own mix of treats and personalise it with your message!


To ensure the accuracy of information, you should always read the original manufacturer’s information.

We do not own the copyright, trademark or license’s associated with this product. We (Sweetie Mail) have merely freeze dried the product for a different experience.

May be a choking hazard, please be careful when eating. Keep out of reach of young children.


We recommend to store in a cool dry place and reseal if your storing for later use. Please keep out of direct sunlight and where possible moisture. Similar other dried products such as chips, they can change the taste and texture.

Choking Hazard:
It is also recommended that young children be careful as freeze dried candy can pose a choking risk.

Anyone who suffers Allergies is advised to read ingredients list. We do our best to ensure all ingredients listing are up to date per the manufacturers ingredients list.

Freeze Dried Candy is processed in a facility that may also process Dairy, Meat, Fish, Nuts, Seeds, Eggs and other common Allergens. 


We Ship anywhere in Australia
Shipping Australia Post:
Standard $11.95 Flat Rate
Express $22.95 Flat Rate



How long after I order will my candy be shipped? Orders ship within 1-2 business days (shipping times via Aus Post vary)

How can I track my order? 
Once your order has been shipped we will send you an email confirmation with Australia Post tracking details (this might land in your junk mail so keep an eye on that folder too). Aus Post will also send you updated tracking during the delivery process, this can also easily be viewed on their app!

want to order two gift boxes, one for myself and one for a friend at another address, should I do two seperate orders? Yes, you will need to place two seperate orders and pay two lots of shipping as we will be paying shipping for each of the two parcels.



How do I add a Custom Message?
At checkout there is an option to add a custom message to your box. Simply add your personalised message and we will add it to the inside of the box.

How do I add a custom message to multiple boxes on the same order?
When adding your custom message simply leave a note letting us know which box contains which message.

e.g Box 1: Nerds robe, Mike and ike, Candy Necklace
      Message:Hey Jane, Happy Bday girl! Love Cassie

      Box 2: 90s Classic Box, Nerds Strawberry Grape etc
      Message: Feel Better Sweetie! Miss you, Love Cassie


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